Creative Team


Jason Neulander


Graham Reynolds


Buzz Moran


Ray Colgan and dog

Tim Doyle

Tim Doyle

Creative Team

A lot of people came together to make this project happen. Below are the folks who created the radio plays, comic books, and stagings that are now touring the world. There are dozens and dozens of other people who’ve been involved with the creation of this project in some form or fashion. Our heartfelt gratitude goes out to all of them.

Producer and Director

Radio Drama Writers (1996)

Revised Radio Drama Writers (2007)

Comic Book Writer
Jason Neulander

Live-Action Graphic Novel Writer
Jason Neulander

Podcast Writer (SALT)
Jason Neulander

Podcast Producer

Composer (Target Earth, Robot Planet Rising, Twin Infinity)
Composer (SALT)

Pencils and Inks, Target Earth

Pencils and Inks, Robot Planet Rising and Twin Infinity
David Hutchison

Color Art
Lee Duhig (with Paul Hanley on Target Earth)

Foley Art (sound effects) Creator