It’s all about the kids

The past couple of months of touring have been an amazing whirlwind. From Dayton to Cleveland to Indianapolis to Danville to Richmond to Canada to Maine to Nashville, we’ve had a blast working with presenters and audiences. A real highlight of this round of touring has been our work with a new venue in Nashville called OZ.

These guys gave new definition to the word “host”. They took us bowling and to see live music. They put us up in a fantastic downtown hotel. They really showed us their city. And one of the ways they did that was to bring us into a couple of middle schools to perform for about 1,000 kids and then hold sound effects workshops with many of them. Cami and Jessie brought the kids right inside the workings of our crazy show. And it seems like that effort really had an impact, at least from the words of this wonderful note from the principal of one of those schools.

“OZ of Nashville brought incredible talent to J.T. Moore Middle School students when Intergalactic Nemesis landed in our gym for a performance that wowed and inspired students and faculty alike!  Because of the excitement and possibilities that were created in the minds of our students, we will be starting a drama program at our school this fall to provide our students an avenue to express themselves through performance art.  Thank you OZ of Nashville for the inspiration that you so generously brought to our students.”

—Dr. Gary D. Hughes, Executive Principal, John Trotwood Moore Middle School

We sold out the run at OZ and they’re having us back in 2015 with Book Two. We can’t wait!

Next up, New Orleans, Memphis, Lebanon, St. Louis, Wisconsin, and more. Complete details here.

3 Responses to It’s all about the kids

  1. Jumping Castle Hire Melbourne April 23, 2014 at 7:16 am #

    OZ the great! Everywhere he is!

  2. Jordan drake February 14, 2018 at 7:12 am #

    Dont know if these are looked at at all and i realize this is so old. But i saw the danville show a few years ago and i recently found my signed graphic novel from the cast that night and wanted to see if this was still going on. Hope all is good with the tours! Id love to see another show sometime.

    • Jason Neulander February 14, 2018 at 5:22 pm #

      Thanks, Jordan. We’re on a hiatus from touring right now, but be sure to follow us on Facebook and on Twitter (@intnemesis). We’ll be sure to announce a new tour if and when that gets scheduled. Also, give a listen to Salt if you haven’t already. The origin story of Jean-Pierre Deperois.

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