Kicking off our international tour…

The Zygonians are on the loose and on August 18, the Paramount Theatre in Austin, TX, is going to be covered in their slime. We’re performing a double-feature of Book One and Book Two that launches an international tour. This is the last chance to see the show in Austin for quite a while, so don’t blow it! Click HERE to join the sticky, gooey, fun!

As a lead-up to the tour, and in celebration of our new international status, there are a few free and cheap events you should know about:

  • Graphic Novels now on sale! They’re on the shelves at Book People, Dragon’s Lair, Tribe, Austin Books & Comics, and our website).
  • Book Signing – Monday August 13 at .
  • Sci-Fi Week – I’m introducing all the films August 14 through 17 at the Paramount including The Day the Earth Stood Still, The Beast from 20,000 Fathoms, Forbidden Planet , and more. Join me! Complete calendar HERE.
  • How to Succeed in Business by Really Trying – As part of the City of Austin’s series on the business of the arts, I’m talking about what I’ve learned from leaving Salvage Vanguard Theater in 2008 to the present day with The Intergalactic Nemesis. The talk will be business-focused around the practical aspects of making it as an artist in Austin. It’s free! Wednesday, August 8, 6 PM, the Boyd Vance Theatre at the John Carver Library. 

But the big event is in less than three weeks:


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